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to gravitate toward mitt romney, who is mormon. and the catholic rick santorum continued to do better with evangelical voters. we'll have more analysis in a few moments. >>> a range of jewish groups rallied at the white house this week, as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu arrived in washington. talk of iran's nuclear program dominated his meeting with president obama. earlier, in a speech to the pro-israel lobby group aipac, obama said the jewish state does have a right to defend itself. but he also cautioned against "loose talk of war." most jewish groups praised the president's support for israel, but some also argued against any preemptive military strike in iran. during his visit, netanyahu gave obama a copy of the book of esther. this past week, jews celebrated purim, which retells the biblical story of queen esther stopping a plot in ancient persia to annihilate the jews. since persia is the modern day iran, many saw a very relevant parallel to current events. >>> attorney general eric holder this week broke the administration's silence about its justifications for a dr
front-runners. in this past week's michigan primary, mitt romney, who is mormon, got 45% of the roman-catholic vote, while rick santorum, who is catholic, got 30%. but santorum continues to do much better among evangelicals. in michigan, 51% of white evangelicals voted for him, compared to only 35% who voted for romney. >>> faith-based relief organizations are among those delivering food, water and emergency aid to victims of the severe weather that hit the midwest and south. several people died and hundreds were injured in a series of tornados that swept through at least five states. volunteer crews are helping with clean-up, and local churches are providing shelter for those whose homes were destroyed. >>> in afghanistan, protests continued for the second week after copies of the quran were burned at a u.s. military base. two more american service members were killed on thursday. the u.s. has apologized, saying the quran burning was unintentional. at least 30 people have died in the anti-u.s. violence, including four other americans killed last week. >>> a new report from amnesty in
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)